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Clerkaid is a free online resource to help healthcare professionals and patients make a more rapid diagnosis of a presenting complaint based on symptoms, clinical signs, investigational results, and other contributing causes eg. environmental, epidemiological, genetic factors.

You can search by symptoms, clinical signs, results of investigations or by other factors ( eg genetic, environmental exposure, surgical history, travel history etc )

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For Patients :
Warning : This website is for informational purposes only. If you are a patient and feel unwell in any way, you should consult a qualified medical practitioner.

How To Use Clerkaid

Click on any of the links above, depending on whether you wish to search by symptoms, clinical signs, results of investigations factors that may cause or influence disease ( environmental exposure, genetic or racial profile, travel history etc ), disease profiles* or by investigations i.e. in which disease workups a given investigation is used. Search results are roughly in order of incidence in western, developed first world populations. Thus tropical diseases, while they may occur in migrants or returning travellers, will be lower down in the search results.

The database is incomplete and is being updated constantly, so please come back and visit us again soon.

* Disease Profiles : Certain diseases or syndromes may be a sign of another underlying disease. For example, osteoporosis may have several causes one of which is Cushings Syndrome ( excess coriticosteroid production by the adrenal gland).
Therefore a search on "Osteoporosis" will bring up Cushing's Syndrome, among others.

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