Medical terms and their usage

This is a brief overview and explanation of how medical and lay terms are used in All drop menus are in alphabetical order. Lay terms and medical terms are used, sometimes interchangeably.

Many medical terms are based on Greek originals eg prefixes oligo- (Gr few, little, small ) viz. oligomenorrhea;  hyper- ( Gr over, above, excessive ), hyperglycaemia, meaning high blood sugar; hypo- ( Gr under, beneath, less ) as in hypocalcaemia, meaning low blood calcium level. In the investigative results search drop menu "High X" or "Low X" where X is some indicator -  invariably refers to blood levels of X.  "High Glucose" and "Hyperglycaemia" for example, are synonymous  as are  "Low Calcium" and "Hypocalcaemia", but the Greek derivatives are only listed if they are in common usage.

Medical terminology is used largely as a form of shorthand. For example : "an accumulation of serous fluid in various tissues and cavities of the body" is the meaning of anasarca which is a clinical sign listed. Anasarca is obviously much shorter and fits into a drop select menu.

For more information on medical terms and their meanings, please click on Resources where you will find links to several excellent online medical dictionaries.